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Driving Lessons Whitley Bay.KarlKarl Slatter




  I came home for a week with one thing on my mind, to get through my practical driving test. We started a intensive driving course where we had various lessons on every subject. it was so tiring, but it was worth it. When the test came we had an hour before hand so i could get comfortable in the car. I wanted the test to go perfectly, however came up just short. I still passed with flying colours and now i have freedom with my license to get a car and go roaming around places. Still though i have to abide to the rules and regulations to the highway code as i’m a newly qualified driver. I highly recommend Fastpass school of motoring because it has a 81% pass rate first time. I really enjoyed my time with Fastpass and most important i want to thank my instructor Bill for being a really good mentor. Thankyou




Driving Lessons Whitley Bennett

27 March at 17:13.


I would like to say a massive thank you to Bill at Fastpass, when i went to Bill i was totally nervous about being out in the car. Also the past driving instructor was just messing me around. Bill has great patience, and has a lot of faith in you and can change your whole mind set of driving. Today i passed my test and i can’t thank Bill enough for all the help and support he had given me. I would recommend him to everyone, great instructor. Brooke, Seaton Sluice.


Driving Lessons.North Shields. Matt Hudson

My experience with Fastpass was very good you can tell by the perfect pass I gained no minors which I am so pleased with. I started Fastpass with the Under 17 driving course and would recommend that to anybody Bill is a great teacher and friend and will get you the pass you deserve




Driving Lessons Whitley Bay. Malik


Just want to say a big thanks to Bill. I thoroughly recommend Bill and the Fastpass School of Motoring to anybody looking to learn how to drive. For someone who found driving a difficult and daunting undertaking, Bill showed enormous patience, understanding and skill in coaching me to pass my test. Most importantly, Bill is very keen to ensure that learners become drivers who will continue to apply safety and good judgement to their driving throughout their lives. Can’t recommend him enough!


Driving Lessons Whitley Middlemiss

Thanks to Bill Golder, I passed my driving test today. I would recommend Bill to anyone wanting to learn. Great person with a lot of time and patience.





001Customer Review- Joseph Franchi

My experience with Fastpass was very good ,with only 3 minors which I am so pleased with. I started Fastpass with the “Under 17 driving course” and would recommend that to anybody, Bill is a great teacher.



Driving Schools Whitley Bay. Jamie.



Just passed my driving test first time with no faults thanks to Bill, really appreciate all the time and effort he has put in excellent instructor any body thinking about learning to drive I strongly recommend Bill.


 Bill Golder. Special moment when a driving examiner says, “I can’t remember a better drive”



Driving Instructors Review-James Gillie 

Thanks to Bill Golder, passed my driving test today, excellent Instructer with a lot of time and patience with his learners, would advise anyone to go with Fastpass!





Driving Lessons Whitley Review-Alistair Middlemiss



Thanks to Bill Golder, I passed my driving test today. I would recommend Bill to anyone wanting to learn. Great person with a lot of time and patience.



Driving Schools North Shields.LewisD.

Customer Review-

Lewis Pizzazz Dodds

Bill was such a great instructor I couldn’t recommend him more! Passed on my first time. Thanks Bill




Driving Lessons North Shields.



Customer Review-Drew Powell

Thanks for everything Bill. Will definately be recommending you.




Driving lessons Cramlington. Jake Test.


Customer Review-Jake Reeves


Thanks to everyone at Fastpass School of Motoring, for helping me pass my test. Jake.




Driving Lessons Whitley Bay.Elisa.

Elisa Armstrong




A big thank you for all your help could not have done it without you.



Driving Lessons Whitley Bay. Review-Nick Wright

Dear Bill

I just wanted to write briefly to you, to thank you again and sincerely for all that you have done for Immie over the past few months.We are absolutely thrilled that she has passed “First Time”, and whilst i may have been being a little presumptuous at the time, i wanted you to know that from the moment we first met you I had every confidence that you would be just the perfect Instructor for her. To have achieved it today, when the weather is so appalling, is an extra credit to you Bill, thank you so much.


Driving Instructors Whitley Bay. McNabI really can’t thank Bill enough!! U really are the best driving instructor I could have asked for and I would recommend you to anyone I went from shaky stress head to calm and collected and I actually enjoy driving now!! Thank you soo much !!


Bill was a great (and handsome) instructor. He taught me from start to finish and supported me all the way, without him I couldn’t have passed with only one minor!!! Cheers Bill Golder

Driving Schools Whitley Bay.Ryan is a fantastic instructor; friendly, patient and thorough. Whatever stage of learning you meet him at, he will quickly shape you into a better driver. His lessons prepare you for driving, rather than just passing the test, and I must thank him for that.





Driving Schools Cramlington.Kate. Elizabeth Ralph

So……………. just passed my driving test guys. Thanks Bill for your help and your interesting stories every lesson. I shall miss them very much. Broom broom





Driving Schools North Shields. Pattison

Bill Golder was recommended by my friend, and I’m so pleased I called him up. He’s an excellent driving instructor, very thorough and patient. If you don’t understand something he will break it down into managable chunks. He has given me the confidence I needed to pass first time and I believe that this is due to his professional but friendly approach. I was so happy with my experience that I have recommended him to family and friends.



Driving Schools Cramlington. Watson

Would like to say thank you to Bill Golder for the time and effort he has put in to get me through my test. I appreciate everything that fastpass have done for me and strongly recommend them to anyone looking to start driving. An excellent instructor, cheers Bill!



Driving Schools Blyth Bell

Thanks to everyone at Fastpass, tell Arran thanks again couldn’t have done it without him





Driving schools Whitley Bay.Alex test. Sebastian Clowry

I first phoned Fastpass describing myself as the self proclaimed world’s worst driver. Three months later I passed first time with 3 minors. If you want someone who’s naturally talented at their career, an excellent teacher and an all round good bloke, I couldn’t recommend Arran any higher. I made the mistake of wasting money on other driving schools and getting stuck in a rut where I thought I was never capable of passing my test – don’t do the same, use Fastpass.

Cheers again to the Fastpass team and I’ll definitely be sending some clients your way.



Driving Lessons Rachel. School Customer Review- Rachel Hewison
Thanks to Arran for helping me pass my test first time, great instructor would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks

Feedback is massively important, and always appreciated. Thank you to Rachel from Bill & Arran at




Driving Lessons Blyth Joe. Chestock posted toBill Golder
I have absolutley loved my driving lessons with Bill. He has been absolutley amazing and he gave me all the support that I needed after changing driving instructors. I will really miss our driving lessons together Bill, and I would highly recommend Bill Golder to anyone who is interested in learning to drive.


Driving Lessons Cramlington, Hayden Test. Brown

I passed my test with the help of Bill, feeling confident that he’d taught me everything and drilled everything in. I passed with 2 minors, would highly recommend Bill from Fastpass as he is a great driving tutor !



Driving Lessons Cramlington Tom Test. Tom Jardine

A big thank you to Bill and Aaron, for being a great instructors and very Patient. Would certainly recommend Fastpass to anyone thinking about learning to drive, and not sure who to go with. Thanks again




Passed my driving test first time with 6 minors, through Fastpass, cannot recommend my driving instructor high enough such a nice man and has so much patience anyone looking to learn to drive definatly go through Bill Golder



Steven B TestSteven Bintcliffe

Just like to thank Bill and Arran from Fastpass for helping me pass my test last week, I would highly recommend both of these people for, if you are looking for someone to teach you.




Driving Lessons Cramlington. Grant Hall Customer Review

Just like to Thank Arran Farquhar from Fastpass School Of Motoring for helping me pass my Driving Test. 1st time pass with only 1 minor fault. Arran done a great job, couldn’t have done it without him.





Driving Lessons North Shields. Matt. Lannigan I passed my driving test, thanks to Bill Golder and Fastpass School of Motoring.







Driving Schools Whitley Bay Carl Test PassCarl Howes to Bill Golder  Customer Reviews

Number 1 driving instructor. Bill Golder from Fastpass. Fantastic Driving Instructor.






Driving Lessons Whitley Bay. Joel Test PassJoel Welford Customer Review

About time I passed Bill cheers and thanks for all the hard work and time you took out to get me to passing my Driving Test, really appreciated still has not sank in.
Joel Welford





Driving lessons Whitley Bay. Michael Bentham Test Pass. Michael Bentham Customer Review

Passed my driving test thanks to Bill Golder and Fastpass School Of Motoring. Could not have asked for anything more from a driving instructor- really patient, clear, informed and a lovely guy to boot! Thank you so much for getting me through my test, I cannot recommend you highly enough!




Driving Schools Whitley Bay Hannah Test PassCustomer Review

Hannah Lisle. Passed my driving test last week but just had the chance to write this now, I would like to give a massive thank you for getting me through my test! Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, as not only is he really patient but he makes driving lessons interesting and enjoyable and I must say I’m going to miss them! Thank you again for all your hard work and getting me through my test, if anyone is thinking about learning to drive I would HIGHLY recommend Bill.

Driving School Blyth- Danniela Test Pass 2

Would just like to say thanks again  to Bill at Fastpass School of Motoring, for all the support throughout my driving, I wouldn’t have passed my test without you! I also highly recommend everyone to take lessons with you, thank you again for all your help!



Rob Swinhoe TestCustomer Review- Rob Swinhoe

Started driving with Bill at the start of high school when I did Fastpass Driving School’s
under 17′s course after school then went on to do my test with Bill,
when I was 17.
I highly recommend Bill and would like to say thanks for getting me
through my test first time




First time pass

First time pass

Megan Mullarkey posted to Bill Golder

Blyth via Mobile

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Bill from Fastpass School of Motoring for helping me pass my Driving Test today. Couldn’t of done it without him. If anyone is looking for a good Driving instructor I would highly recommend Bill Golder. I’m definitely going to miss our driving lessons. Thank you again!




Driving schools Blyth

Driving schools Blyth

Customer Reviews: Charlotte Cooper  Thank you very much for all of your help and encouragement. Loved my driving lessons. I couldn’t have passed my Driving test first time without you.


vicky 2 Customer review from Victoria Landale
I learned to drive and successfully passed my test using Bill and Fastpass driving school and it was great.
Driving didn’t come naturally to me and i had trouble finding time to fit in my driving lessons with such a hectic schedule working full time shift work and attending college but Bill was always accommodating to my requirements. When driving with Bill he was always a calming person to talk too and could keep anyone calm and help build confidence. Always lovely and friendly whilst teaching you to the highest standards!
I would recommend Bill to anyone and have done with a few of my peers also choosing to learn with him and enjoying it as much as i did.

Lauren Brown pass

 Customer review from Lauren Brown 
Bill was an excellent instructor and was always more than willing to help me through any problems I had; no matter how small I thought they were!
What I did in my driving lessons always varied which kept me interested. I always came away feeling better than I did the lesson before.
Bill taught me methods and gave me advice which were specifically tailored to myself which I found extremely useful.
Passed first time with few minors, would recommend Fastpass  Driving School to anybody!


Driving Lessons Whitley Bay Aaron Test

Aaron Carey Customer Review
I first started driving lessons with Bill when I was still at school as I enrolled for an after school course in the Fastpass Driving School under 17s group. from that point on he has always been consistently helpful and taught me the skills I needed to pass the driving test first time. He is an excellent person, and he won’t tell you to do anything out side of your limits and will always make sure you feel comfortable whilst learning. over all I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone and that anyone who chooses Bill as their driving instructor has made the best choice they ever could.




Lauren Test


 Customer review from Lauren Butler
I passed my driving test in May 2013 with Fastpass Driving School. I was recommended to Bill by a friend, and I am very pleased I took up this recommendation. I feel as though I was taught not only the essential skills needed to pass a driving test (both practical and theory), but how to drive my own car by myself after passing, which made the transition from learning to drive to becoming an independent driver after passing stress free and enjoyable. Learning with Fastpass  Driving School gave me confidence as a driver, and I also enjoyed the experience, I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Bill!


Lewis test Customer review from Lewis Heslop
Hi, I passed in August with Bill and I can honestly say that I would recommend him to anyone. Having been learning to drive through the Under 17s Club at Fastpass Driving School, I can say that bill is a very patient instructor who is there to help you all the way and is especially good at identifying areas with which you might be struggling. The driving lessons are relaxed an enjoyable which makes the whole process a lot easier, thanks Bill!
Customer Review Erin

Customer Review Erin

Erin from Heaton. Customer Review.

I was very nervous about driving lessons, so I was very happy when I met Bill. He is such a calm person and instantly put me at ease. The fact he said I would be the one to confirm that I could move forward at my pace. Left me very reassured. The result was a steady progress with my driving lessons and I passed my driving test at Long Benton driving test centre.



IMGP0372 Customer review from Douglas Park
Back in 2012 I started Bill’s under 17 course with only a few months until my 17th birthday. It gave me all the basic skills that I needed, so that I could get out on the road with confidence as soon as I turned 17. I found the under 17 course an enjoyable and very valuable experience, which made the progression into driving lessons on the road much smoother and quicker. When we got out onto the road I found the driving lessons very enjoyable, with a good range of topics covered each lesson. What I also liked about the lessons was that the atmosphere was friendly and manoeuvres (as challenging as some may be) were explained in such a way that you couldn’t go wrong. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Bill, and I highly recommend him and Fastpass Driving School! I Passed first time within 7 weeks of my 17th birthday.



IMGP0262 Customer review from Anna Sanderson
After 17 yr of stopping and starting driving lessons I decided at the ripe old age of 34 to start again. I was lucky to find Bill Golder to be my final driving instructor. He is the first instructor that I felt comfortable and confident with. He had an air about him that said “I know what I’m doing and I’m good at it”. And that he was. He built my confidence and made me believe in myself that I could achieve it. I booked my test for my daughters 18th b-day which also turned out to be Bills. Knew then that I wasn’t allowed to fail. I passed my test with only 3 minors which I incurred in the last five minutes. Anyway to cut a long story short….this man is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for helping me achieve my license and keep up the good work Bill.


Tegan Smith Driving Lessons Newcastle

Tegan Smith Driving Lessons Newcastle

  Bill was patient calm and very enthusiastic. I always looked forward to my driving lessons with Fastpass Driving School. Passed my Driving Test first time, at the Long Benton Driving Test Centre. Would recommend Bill to anyone.

Tegan Smith Kenton







We found the under 17 driving lessons to be extremely practical and would highly recommend them to anyone.  Bill made sure, our son was able to hit the ground (or road) running upon his 17 th birthday, having already gained all the necessary skills to control and manoeuvre the car in the safety of off-road locations. Bill also ensured Douglas was well prepared for his Theory test, with regular input.  Only a small number of on-road lessons were required to ensure a first time pass within 7 weeks.


John & June Parks


 Driving School Whitley Bay Customer Reviews

Mr Gwilliam. Hexam.  I wish to thank you for your help with Aidan. His success is down to your skill and hard work. We are delighted with his 1st time pass and he will be taking further training for Pass Plus and Advanced driving with yourself.


Bob at Blyth Driving test Centre

Bob at Blyth Driving test Centre


Customer Reviews

Bob from Cramlington. I was recommended to Bill from a friend. I was moving to Cyprus in 3 weeks and my job involved driving. I had to pass my driving test urgently or cancel everything.  Bill pulled out all the stops. I was a wreck with the pressure, but he coaxed me through it. The mans a Diamond. Passed  at Blyth test centre 2 days before I flew.


Dave from Killingworth. Having trained with an other driving school previously, I can appreciate why it’s important to get it right 1st time. My first experience was expensive because I was not learning anything. Bill taught me more in one lesson than I had learned in months.Best instructor in Whiley Bay.



Gemma from Bedlington. After 25 hours of lessons with my previous driving school, I was ready to give up. I hated every minute of it. A friend suggested I speak to Bill from Fastpass Driving School. My first lesson changed everything, I made progress, I had fun, I couldn’t believe the difference. The mans a genius. Passed 1st time.


Lauren from Seaton Delaval. I felt learning with an advanced driving instructor was a good idea. Bill focussed totally on my needs and concerns. I liked the On-Line training service it was excellent, when combined with the handouts I had everything covered. A number of my friends are now learnng with Fastpass Driving school.


Michael from Tynemouth. I needed to pass my test to keep my job. While everyone was trying to hurry me along, Bill was a calming influence and steered me to a comfortable pass. I was introduced to him by my brother Alex who had also been trained by Bill and I would recommend him to anyone for driving lessons.

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